How to Get FREE 3GB of Data From MTN- FREE Browsing Cheat

Here is another FREE browsing cheat for MTN Nigeria users. This cheat gives you a 3GB data plan which is unlimited i.e you can choose to exh... thumbnail 1 summary

Here is another FREE browsing cheat for MTN Nigeria users. This cheat gives you a 3GB data plan which is unlimited i.e you can choose to exhaust it in a day, a week or a month- it's your choice.

How To Do It

This cheat requires a registered MTN SIM. 0803, 0806, 0703, 0706, 0813, 0816, 0810 regardless of the type of MTN SIM you use, you'll get your 3GB of data plan though it was tested on a newly registered SIM.

If you cannot do it, just fine someone who has an MTN SIM. Register it and load a hundred Naire recharge card on it. And immediately; dial *123*1#. And after about 5 minutes, dial *123#. Whichever responce you recieve, ignore it. The commands are being sent to MTN data service system and which of course, would respond. After you might have done all these, switch off your phone for 24hrs.

By the time you switch on your phone again you will notice that your N100 would be gone and you'll be given 3GB of data in its place. Then; FREE browsing began!

To check your MB data balance; send 2 in an SMS to 131.

FREE Browsing Cheats Notice

Please use this FREE Browsing cheat while it lasts meanwhile, note that the service is not intended and initiated by the service provider. Kind have in mind that they will block and stop the FREE browsing whenever they know of it.

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  1. i pray it works

  2. Hello my Senior, I guess you all fine.
    I'm 19 yrs of age. A Young poor student from Ghana with Emmanuel as my real name.
    Please, I'm pleading if you could help me browse the internet for free using any of the SIMs operating in Ghana because life is very hot and difficult.

    Thanks and may God richly help you from Technology to another every blessed day.

    Also, I'm very friendly so anyone who like me as a friend can also contact me.


  3. does it work in Ghana?
    if so, how should we go by it

  4. The cheat no longer works. Just keep following, we shall update you as soon as we detect any cheat that works.

  5. Any settings working in zambia? Either for blackberry or android on mtn and airtell?

    1. Yes. This recent update works for any network in most countries. Just modify your settings as supposed:

  6. Hi does the cheat really work now? Co's i'm abt 2 try it

    1. This cheat does not work for now, but this recent update work here works for all networks except etisalat.

  7. wic cheat is workin now

    1. Hello,
      This BIS cheats for android is the major cheat rocking the town now.

  8. Shed more light on d android cheat

  9. Any new mtn cheat pls? Thanks!