How to Make Certain Applications Connect to the Internet on Samsung Phones -Resolved Issue

This is an issue originally raised by one of our fans on facebook some days ago. "I need a manu... thumbnail 1 summary

This is an issue originally raised by one of our fans on facebook some days ago.

"I need a manual configuration settings for my Samsung at&t SGH-A687(MTN) and also i cant launch operamini and 2go on it"
-that was his request on our facebook fan page timeline.

Well, so far so good, we have being able to help him out and now, we are sharing it with others who might be experiencing similar problem.

Truly, some Samsung phones do not support the automatic GPRS configuration settings set up. Even with some Samsung phones, you need to manually authorize, give permission to some applications before they can connect to the internet especially; 2go IM and some other handler UI applications.

How to Authorize the Restricted Application

Now, to authorize any of the restricted application to have access to the internet, you just need to alter little changes within your Samsung phone.

To do this, go to Menu on the phone. From there, go to Games And Apps (On some Samsung phone, you may see Applications or MyFiles). Just go to wherever your installed applications are usally located on the phone.
While on that particular application that does not connect to the internet, press Option then; Connection (Advance Option).

Menu <<>> Games And Apps (App, MyFile or wherever your installed apps folder) <<>> Options <<>> Connection <<>> or Advance Option
On the page that appears, on the internet profile section, select the working access point and click SAVE.

Once saved, lunch the application.
All things being equal, provided that the Access Point you have chosen is set using the correct figures, the application should now be able to connect to the internet.

Click here for detailed info on how to manually configure your Samsung phone for GPRS Internet Access.

Please, note that you must have an active and working internet settings on the phone before this can work out.

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