How to Unlock your HTC phone's Bootloader

Following the many questions on how to unlock HTC Android phones' bootloader in my mailbox, I have decided to finally share a full insig... thumbnail 1 summary

HTC Bootloader Unlock

Following the many questions on how to unlock HTC Android phones' bootloader in my mailbox, I have decided to finally share a full insight of how it is being done on Aryk Enterprise blog.

Before we proceed, there are some questions that might be given answers and they are:

What is A Bootloader?

To put simply, Bootloader is like the stronghold of any operating systems; a section that does things first before any other section of such operating system do.

Bootloader basically packages the instructions to boot operating system kernel and also have its own debugging or modification environment.

Why Is Bootloader Locked?

Well, this needs no much explanation. Just like copyright, most Android OS manufacturers want their customers use the same version designed for the specific device. And so, with a locked bootloader, it's impossible to flash a custom ROM or modify any part of the device.

Why Do You Have to Unlock Your Bootloader?

If you ever wish to completely modify any part of your HTC android device, you will need to unlock your bootloader;
E.g to flash a custom Recovery, to root or to flash a custom ROM amongst others.

How to Unlock your HTC Android Phone's Bootloader

In order to unlock your HTC Android phones' bootloader, you will need the materials whose download links are given below;

1- ADB ( Android Debug Bridge ) tools for windows. Download ADB tools here.

2- Download HTC Android USB Drivers here

Once the download of the files above is completed, just install the USB driver on your computer. You may skip this process if you already have HTC Sync installed on your computer.

As for the ADB tools, UNZIP the file and create a new folder for it on your local drive root folder; not in any sub-folder. It should be e.g C:\ADB

Also, make sure that all the files you unzipped are plain within the ADB folder and not in sub-folder of the ADB folder again.

Now, visit HTCDev Website to get your Unlock-token and follow all the instructions therein to complete the rest of the Bootloader Unlock process.


Please, be informed that, at the moment, HTC provides bootloader unlock supports for only their EU ( Europe ) customers therefore; you need to have an EU ROM e.g At&T UK, Orange amongst others running on your phone before you can be able to unlock your bootloader.

A detailed info on how to Obtain SuperCID to install any Stock ROM is here. Also Meaning and where to download Stock ROMs is here.

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