How to Root HTC One XL Without PC

Either S-On or S-off, rooting HTC One XL do always require the use of PC, at least, if you are going... thumbnail 1 summary
Either S-On or S-off, rooting HTC One XL do always require the use of PC, at least, if you are going to do it the safer way. Meanwhile, there are some applications that give at least; 95% saferoot without the use of PC.
For as long as the internet is active, safe-root is guaranteed.

In this tutorial, I will discuss how to root your HTC One XL without the use of your PC. This same method has successfully rooted many HTC phones which include HTC One XL, both S-On and S-Off.
Now, let's begin.

To put simply, rooted android devices are always ahead of the unrooted ones. With root access on your android device, you can modify and personalize almost all aspect of your android device which is not limited to the applications for tweaks and cheats including the common browsing cheats available for most android devices.

Although, it is commonly noted that your warranty is void the moment you root your android device. YES! Frankly speaking, rooting your android device leaves it open to all major security threats, however, all these can easily be avoided if you ONLY install trusted applications and avoid doing more than you ordinarily can, on the phone.

So, let's root your HTC One XL. Shall we?


Step 1: Download the latest kingroot application from here and install it on your phone.

Step 2: Turn on data service on your phone and make sure it is active. If your internet connection is not so active at this time, you may connect to a WiFi.

Step 3: Lunch Kingroot from your phone. For some seconds, kingroot will attempt to determine the model of your phone and the best root tweak for it.
Just hold on. After a few seconds, though this might take longer time, depending on the service and the phone speed, kingroot will display a message just click "Try to Root" and hold on until the next message appears.

Step 4: Insatll Kinguser. While rooting the phone, Kingroot will attempt to install kinguser on the phone. Kinguser is a root manager, an application that helps you manage root permissions on the phone.

A warning may appear, simply ignore it and click "Install Anyway". See the image below:

Step 5: Congratulations! Your HTC One XL is now safely and fully rooted. You can now use any root applications on it meanwhile, be cautious while using root applications. Good luck.


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    1. The download link is working fine. Try to download it using another browser if it fails still.

  2. I need help on to root my tecno J5, I have used kingroot 4.5 it just failing

    1. Kingroot has been used to root Tecno J5 several times. You just have to make sure that your internet connection is active.

  3. How to change infinity one X510 imei

    1. I do not know of any phone named Infinity X510. Please, state it clearly.

  4. It's infinity hot android one but I have successfully root and change the IMEI of the phone

  5. But I still have problem in rooting my Tecno J5