Download MIUI V6 ROM for Gionee V4s: Android 4.4.4

If you feel that you have the need to flash a custom ROM on your Gionee V4s either because you are c... thumbnail 1 summary
If you feel that you have the need to flash a custom ROM on your Gionee V4s either because you are curious about giving the phone a new look or to correct certain malfunctions on the phone, here is a working MIUI ROM for your Gionee V4s.

Gionee is one of those MTK android devices that does not gain much attentions from developers and that, in turn, makes Gionee custom ROM a rare stone.
Here, I am sharing with you a perfectly working MIUI V6 ROM for the Gionee V4s, custom android 4.4.4 ROM.

Although, I don't have Gionee V4s and that denied me the opportunity of personally testing this ROM on the phone, I have been able to gather some usage experience from few people who have used the ROM.
Other than the App Drawer that has issues and that can be corrected by flashing the HTC M9 BlinkFEED App Drawer on the phone. See the note here: How to Install Stock HTC M9 BlinkFEED Theme/Luncher On Any Android.

In my opinion, I think the ROM is good enough for your Gionee V4s.

The ROM is loaded with all features of the MIUI V6 ROMs and very stable. Beside the MIUI features, the ROM is also pre-built with some exposed installer Tweaks and modules that can all be used to fully transform the phone for good, on activation though.

MIUI V6, Android 4.4.4 Download Link for Gionee V4s


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  1. Replies
    1. Sure. However, it may take sometime before I could be able to port a ROM for Tecno H5 as I do not currently have one at hand for test. I shall hasten the process anyways.

  2. How to install miui custom rom in gionee v4s

    1. 1. Download the ROM from the link above.
      2. Flash custom recovery on your Gionee V4s.
      3. Do a full backup using the recovery. (Important).
      4. Put the downloaded ROM in the root of your SD card and slot it in the phone.
      5. Return to your phone to recovery.
      6. Wipe/Factory reset, Wipe Cache, Wipe Delvic and finally, install the ROM.

    2. This method is not working please help

    3. What's the response you received?

    4. The response i get received "installation aborted"
      Is there is any way to install this rom in my gionee v4s via computer

  3. After Wipe/Factory reset, Wipe Cache, Wipe Delvic and finally, i tried to install the ROM.
    But some times later i got response "installation aborted"
    I repeated again and again but response remained same

    Now what to do is there is any way to install it through pc please help

  4. i don't know how to install custom recovery in gionee v4s. is there is no any other recovery method for gionee v4s rather than cwm, or tcwm because these types of method not available for gionee v4s.
    I think this is the main reason why I am unable to install custom rom in gionee v4s.
    Please tell me what to do
    Any method for installation for custom rom in gionee v4s via PC.

    1. Have you rooted your own Gionee V4s?

  5. No i am not rooted my gionee v4s yet but i tried alot but i am unable to root my gionee v4s
    This is running on android 5.0
    And not getting root
    So i am asking is there is any way to flash custom miui rom through pc in my phone
    Please help me

    1. Oh! There is no way to flash custom ROM on the Gionee V4s via PC. I might be able to provide you a possible root exploit for the phone. Stay tuned.

  6. I have root my gionee v4s by kingoo root but i dont know how to flash costom recovery in my gionee v4s plese help me.

  7. Thanks to you sir I done it because or ur blogs I had installed mini6 instead of gionee v4s I am happy
    I installed cwm recovery
    But can I install gionee v4s stock rom again
    What will be the procedure for install gionee v4s stock rom I don't need it now but I want to know for my knowledge

    1. Yes. You can flash stock ROM back on your Gionee V4s. All you have to do is to download the stock ROM and flash it using MTK Droid Tools. See instructions here: How to Flash Stock ROM On Gionee Android Devices